What are the Benefits of Independent Living?

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November 17, 2017
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Whether you’ve just recently retired or you plan on retiring soon, it’s time to start thinking about independent living. Although living at home has plenty of benefits, nothing competes with the sense of community offered by an independent living community.

One of the major advantages of independent living is the elimination of household chores. Raking the leaves and doing exterior maintenance projects can be a major hassle. When opting for an independent living community, you can enjoy a relaxing lifestyle in a new home where maintenance is never an issue.

If you’re outgoing and energetic, independent living communities are a great place to meet new people in your age range. From watercise activities to art classes and movie nights, there’s a sea of opportunity just awaiting new residents. The staff at independent living communities understand that physical exercise leads to a healthy mind and longer lifespan. According to the National Institutes of Health,  engaging in physical activities in moderation will both lengthen and improve the health of senior citizens.

Nutrition is critical when it comes to aging. At some independent living communities, seniors benefit from delicious dining experiences. At New Horizons at Marlborough, our talented chefs prepare meals each day that are both healthy and nutritious. Residents can also enjoy mealtime together, which provides them with another opportunity to engage with other seniors.

Some independent living communities like New Horizons offer nurses and assisted living professionals on-site for residents who decide they need an assisted living community. In the future, if you reach a point where you need additional assistance, there is a higher level of care available.

Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to seniors in search of an independent living community. A fall or even a cold can cause other health issues for senior citizens. At our independent living community, there is always someone around, whether it’s the receptionist, the nurse, or other staff numbers with the proper training.

Choose New Horizons at Marlborough for Independent Living

At New Horizons at Marlborough, we offer both independent living and assisted living, so regardless of the level of help you may need, we are always at the ready. With a nurse available 24-hours a day and a pharmacy on site, residents have everything they need when it comes to medication and care.

We also have plenty of amenities, including a heated indoor pool, baking competitions, art displays, fitness programs, and a hair salon right on campus.

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