Valentine’s Day Ideas For Seniors

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happy valentine's dayEach year when Valentine’s Day rolls around, certain people in your family are probably easier to shop for than others. Finding Valentine’s Day gifts or activities for senior citizens, such as aging parents and grandparents, can be a challenge. This guide features some great ideas you can use this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Create a homemade card – As people get older, they often become more sentimental, preferring homemade gifts to store-bought items. Valentine’s Day cards are easy to make with some construction paper, stickers, and glitter, so why not get crafting? Your loved ones are sure to appreciate handmade cards from everyone in your family.
  2. Decorate together – This is a great tip for those who can’t spend the actual day of Valentine’s Day with their older relatives. If you can get together a couple days before, spend a few hours helping to decorate your loved one’s home or apartment for the upcoming holiday. You might even want to take him or her shopping for fun Valentine’s decorations at a local store to spend some time out of the house.
  3. paper rosesWatch a romantic movie from the Golden Age – Hollywood’s Golden Age gave rise to many of the most incredible romantic films of all time. The odds are good that the senior citizens in your life remember when these movies came out or, at the very least, remember watching them when they were young. Take your own children to watch one or two of your relative’s favorite films together. This is a great way to not only get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day but also create some special family memories.
  4. Buy a beautiful bouquet – Lots of older people, especially ladies, enjoy flowers and gardening. Hand delivering a gorgeous Valentine’s bouquet to your loved one is sure to make his or her day. Not only will the flowers be enjoyed for days to come, but the visit will also give the two of you some quality time together, even if you can’t stay for long.

These are just a few of the things you can do for your favorite senior citizen on Valentine’s Day. The options are, of course, really only limited by your imagination, so think about what he or she loves and plan accordingly. Whether you use one of these suggestions or think of something else, he or she is sure to love whatever activity or gift you come up with.

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