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Staying active is an important part of getting older. Staying active helps lessen those aches and pains that are associated with aging. Seniors need to find ways to stay active without risking injury. Water workouts are an excellent answer for most, and senior swimming activities are among the most popular for older men and women. In many cases, any level of activity by seniors can be accommodated by swimming pools. Here are some of the best senior swimming activities you can suggest for older individuals. 

Best Senior Swimming Activities

Swimming is key to staying active in older aged populations. This is why we have a pool at our New Horizons at Marlborough community. For many, it’s the easiest way to get moving when doing cardio exercise on the ground is out of the question. Here are some ways to take advantage of the pool for seniors. 

Water Walking

One popular way to make use of the pool for cardio activity is to water walk. This is easier on the muscles and joints than regular walking. It allows seniors who have trouble moving but can still walk an easier experience. Groups can walk in circles around the pool, and individuals can walk in place or do walking laps while chatting with a friend. 

Arm Circles

For this activity, seniors need to be submerged in the water except for their head and neck. Moving the arms is a great way to get the heart rate up, and the water provides some resistance, making for a good workout. Although it is a small motion, arm circles are a great way to get the body moving in a heart-healthy way. 

Wall Exercises in the Pool

Some pool exercises require a tool or floatation device, but it’s easy to get a workout in by using the pool wall itself. By holding the side of the pool, seniors can lift their legs for a great abdominal workout. The abs help build core strength that allows for better overall fitness. This exercise will also help improve upper body strength. 

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