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January 25, 2020
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Gardening Springtime Senior Citizens

Residents of Massachusetts often look forward to the spring months. While winters in Massachusetts are tamer than in New Hampshire or Maine, Massachusetts still experiences cold enough weather to make many people want to stay inside for most of the season. The desire to get outside and enjoy the nicer weather once spring has sprung is virtually universal—and senior citizens in Massachusetts are no exception. Read our industry blog highlighting some springtime activities our residents look forward to each year.

Exploring Walking Paths

Walking paths can be prone to slippery conditions during the winter months. As the weather warms up and the ice and snow melts, people can begin to enjoy them again. With springtime’s fluctuating temperatures, it is important to make sure the conditions are suitable before heading out: This includes reviewing how cold it was out the night before, as dropping temperatures can lead to ice forming overnight.


As the air warms up, birds take their migratory paths and return to the area. Watching birds can be a fun and relaxing activity. Keeping a journal of the types of birds you have seen can make the experience even more gratifying.


At New Horizons, we encourage residents to take up gardening for numerous reasons. Not only does the activity keep you moving, it is also a rewarding experience to see something grow from seed to flower or food source. Our on-site greenhouse keeps our residents gardening year-round, but getting outside in the fresh spring air brings an altogether different experience to gardening.

Spring Cleaning 

Spring cleaning is a great springtime activity that gives people of all age groups a feeling of accomplishment. It both tidies things up and gives you a sense of starting fresh. Opening some windows in your home or apartment and performing a deep clean can reinvigorate the spirit and get you moving. Not only will your living space be clean, there’s also a good chance you will find things you misplaced in recent months.

Springtime at New Horizons at Marlborough 

The staff and residents here at New Horizons at Marlborough look forward to springtime each year. From spring cleaning to getting back outside and enjoying the nice weather, spring promises fun for all age groups. If you or a loved one is a resident at New Horizons, consider trying some of the activities mentioned in this blog. Not a resident of New Horizons at Marlborough yet? Learn more about our community and the types of weekly activities we hold for our residents.

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