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Autumn Activities
Autumn Activities Offered to Seniors at New Horizons   
October 21, 2019
Winter Activities for Seniors
Winter Hobbies for Senior Citizens
November 25, 2019
two seniors in front of fireplace

Here at New Horizons at Marlborough, we are indeed a community. The best way to see this, other than living or working here, is by signing up for our monthly newsletter. We wanted to write a blog on how our newsletter is improving the lives of residents and keeping family and loved ones in the loop.

Monthly Review & Recap 

Each month at New Horizons at Marlborough comes with a variety of events and activities designed to keep our residents engaged and having fun. The newsletters typically highlight some of our most popular events that were attended within the previous month, and they often contain photos.

Community Announcements

Our newsletter also acts as a platform we use to broadcast announcements to our residents. These notices include introductions of new staff members, updates regarding activities that are held weekly, menu changes on the horizon, and even special upcoming featured events. 

Upcoming Events

At the bottom of each of our newsletters, we feature an upcoming events section to keep residents, loved ones, and staff informed on happenings planned for the next month. Events featured within this part of our newsletter tend to be events that are not held on a regular weekly basis, but rather special occasions such as performances by visiting entertainers or “field trips” to nearby museums! 

Country Communities Newsletter – Sign Up Today 

Whether you are a resident, the loved one of a resident, or perhaps a potential future resident, we encourage you to sign up for our monthly newsletter today. We will then email it to you each month. If you have questions regarding the newsletter, our events calendar, or our New Horizons at Marlborough community, give us a call today! 

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