Planning an Assisted Living Move for Your Parents

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Planning an assisted living move for your parents can actually be an exciting time. With proper planning and research, you can figure out which type of amenities, programs, and location are best for your parents. While you may want this to be a quick process, it’s best to do some research to make sure this will be a seamless move for your parents.

Take your time: Take time to research and visit various centers to find one that is the right fit. Many of today’s assisted living communities are extremely modern and vibrant, offering a wide range of activities, clubs, and outings for their residents. Let your parents be as involved in the decision as they wish to be.

At New Horizons at Marlborough, we have several activities going on each day, so there is never a dull moment. For those who enjoy fitness, we have circuit training and watercise classes. We also have a book & cinema club for the bookworms.

Help with downsizing: Downsizing looks different for every couple who decides to move into an assisted living community. Some intend to keep their homes so one of their children can eventually move in with their own family. If this is the case, many possessions can be kept for the time being since the house isn’t being sold anytime in the near future. In other situations, though, the couple’s former residence is being sold right away. In these instances, downsizing must happen fairly quickly. Help your parents’ sort through items, deciding what needs to be kept and moved, what should be given to various family members, and what should be put into storage or donated.

Get your parents engaged: As you plan for your parents’ move into an assisted living community, one of your main priorities should be making sure they don’t find themselves isolated and alone in their new community. While you should, of course, visit as often as you can and plan family outings, they also need to get connected in their new home. Talk to the staff to learn about various activities your parents can get involved in.

These few tips can make a big difference in helping your parents to prepare for the next chapter of their life together. If you all maintain a positive outlook about this adjustment, the move to assisted living doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, look at it as a chance for your mom and dad to worry less and enjoy each other and new friends more.

Why You Should Choose New Horizons at Marlborough

New Horizons at Marlborough is the perfect location for your parents’ assisted living community. Centrally located just 45 minutes outside of Boston, Marlborough is a tight-knit community with plenty to see and do. We offer off-site visits to nearby towns such as Hudson, host game nights, and have on-site amenities to make the transition easy. Your parents will enjoy lovely apartments, an abundance of free parking, fully applianced kitchens, and breathtaking views.

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