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Most people don’t know much about the senior housing industry until a loved one needs additional care. When it comes time to make the choice, emotions are often running high, and the urgency of the situation can leave families feeling overwhelmed. To help you choose the facility that will best meet your loved one’s needs, we have compiled some information to consider when researching senior housing.

Deciding Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living in a Retirement Community

The first thing to consider is whether your loved one’s circumstances are better suited to assisted living or a nursing homeAlthough the terms are often mistaken for synonyms, there is a substantial difference in the level of care provided in these types of communities. An assisted living environment is designed to allow seniors to age gracefully while maintaining their independence—with aides and medical staff on hand when needed. Nursing homes cater to seniors in need of comprehensive care. Seniors may progress from assisted living to a nursing home when around-the-clock care becomes necessary.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities, such as New Horizons at Marlborough, offer social and wellness programs to ensure your loved one remains physically and socially active. Although assisted living might seem like an expensive option at first blush, when you consider savings on maintenance, landscaping, food expenses, and utilities, assisted living can be comparable to paying a mortgage or rent. An assisted living facility also saves on the cost of hiring a personal aid to help with household chores.

Retirement Communities

There is a myth that assisted living communities lack the regulation to protect your loved ones and other residents. State governments issue licenses and monitor the facilities to make sure they comply with all regulations. Every assisted living and retirement community is required to make survey results available for visitors to view, either in person or online. 

It is also incorrect to assume that all communities are alike. Each assisted living facility will have its own take on dining services, wellness programs, and social activities. Researching and considering what kind of environment is best for your loved one will go a long way toward ensuring quality of life. Discuss the wants, needs, and amenities that will best support them in this next stage of life, and don’t settle for a facility that does not live up to either your or their expectations.

New Horizons at Marlborough: Metro West’s Full-service Retirement and Assisted Living Community 

Need more information on assisted living? New Horizons at Marlborough is always happy to answer questions from potential residents and their families and schedule tours of the community. If you’re still unsure about whether or not New Horizons at Marlborough will be right for you or your loved one, consider taking advantage of our 30-day trial program. Contact us at 508-460-5200 to set up a tour today! 

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