Massachusetts Springtime Health Tips for Seniors

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Senior Spring Health Concerns

Springtime is eagerly anticipated by many people throughout Massachusetts. While the nice weather and the ability to go outside without a parka are major benefits, spring can also bring with it some health concerns. Here at New Horizons at Marlborough, we wanted to address some of the seasonal health concerns seniors in Massachusetts may encounter during the spring months.

Avoiding Pollen Allergens

Springtime brings pollen and other allergens into the air we breathe in Massachusetts. Although some people are unaffected by these allergens, others react negatively to new particles in the air and can experience difficulty breathing. Senior citizens with respiratory issues should be on alert during this time of year. 

Allergic rhinitis is caused by a reaction to allergens, which affects nearly 15 percent of older adults. The symptoms, which resemble those of the common cold, include nasal congestion, sneezing, and itching. If you or a loved one is sensitive to airborne allergens, consider wearing a facemask outside or limiting outdoor time when the pollen count is high.

Adjusting to Daylight Saving Time 

Daylight saving time is a blessing for many. The increased sunlight allows people more time to enjoy the day. However, increased daylight can impact people’s sleeping schedules, as the sun is earlier to rise in the morning. Senior citizens can experience disruptions to their circadian rhythms, which can interrupt regular sleep patterns. A poor night of sleep can result in daytime fatigue, concentration loss, and even mood disturbances. Daytime fatigue can make senior citizens more prone to falls, which is a year-round concern for seniors.

Additionally, the time change can throw off an individual’s schedule for medication. Be sure you and your loved ones take this change into account to ensure there is no chance of over-medicating. 

Managing Sun Exposure

As the daylight hours increase, many people remain outside longer. Everyone—senior citizens included—needs to be mindful of sun exposure. Springtime weather in Massachusetts is relatively cool, but comfortable. Since individuals don’t feel as warm as they might during the summer months, it’s easy to forget about the dangers of being in the sun overlong. Be sure you stay properly hydrated and have sun protection, such as a light-weight long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen.

New Horizons at Marlborough: Providing Springtime Health Tips for Seniors 

We hope this blog helps you or a loved one enjoy all spring has to offer. If you are looking for an assisted living solution outside Boston, MA, call New Horizons at 508-460-5200 to set up a free tour.

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