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Senior Living Trends in 2019

Independent living is not the industry it used to be. Many seniors are looking forward to a transition to independent living because of the numerous features and benefits that come with it. 2019 has been a great year already for those looking to move into independent living communities, and it looks to only be improving. Whether you’re considering a move into an independent living community yourself or may be in need of a residence for a loved one shortly, catch up on these industry trends that may affect new or upcoming residents.

Trends to Watch in Independent Living

Health Care Coverage of Living Services

Something many were happy to see was the addition of Medicare Advantage covering more living services under health plans. Health companies that support soon-to-be-residents are even starting to build in coverage to entice individuals to keep coverage to pay for the rest of what Medicare does not cover. With housing and care built into health coverage, individuals have less to juggle and a single place into which all costs to independent living communities fall.

Aging Boomer Generation Will Influence the Industry Like Never Before

With an entire generation, the vast “baby boomer” population, entering retirement and older age, things are going to look quite different. In fact, many companies are already preparing for it. It is predicted that living communities will reach heights never seen before when boomers begin looking for new living options. Thanks to attention to the coming change, many large companies central to the independent living industry have already spent years preparing for the transition. These preparations include updated living facilities and new amenities (movie theaters, more outings, greenhouses, etc.). Review some of New Horizons at Marlborough’s amenities here!

Changing the Face of Independent Living Community Care

A number of industry specialists have noted the change in perspective that workers have on the industry as a prospective field in which to work. Many companies and potential employees have changed their view on the type of work that goes into independent living community care. These are no longer jobs, but careers.  With employee engagement being higher due to the increase in qualified, career-savvy workers, there is a better experience for residents. Having an engaged staff working alongside residents creates an environment that people enjoy being a part of every day.

New Horizons at Marlborough: Independent Living for Seniors

Are you looking at a possible move or planning a possible future with our community? Reach out by phone call or fill out a convenient online contact form. We are here to answer all your questions on transitioning to New Horizons at Marlborough.

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