How to Be a Good Neighbor in an Assisted Living Community

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Neighbors at Assisted living Facilities

Moving into an assisted living or retirement community can be a big transition. Whether you are about to move in, a long-time resident or the loved one of a future or current resident, knowing how to be a good neighbor can make a big difference in quality of life for both you and the other members of the community. Many principles of neighborly behavior outside a retirement or assisted living community will be the same inside; however, with it being closer quarters than most are used to, we recommend that you continue reading to learn about a few things to consider.

Know About Your Community

When you first move in, whether to New Horizons or another community, you will likely receive a handbook. This guide might include advisories on mundane but important items such as trash and recycling protocols, quiet hours, lock-out procedures, and more. It will hopefully also address the more exciting aspects of the senior community, including activities, clubs, group dining, and amenities. Be sure to spend some time perusing the handbook to get the most benefit from your residency.

Respect Common Space

Retirement and assisted living communities are known to have common areas. These shared spaces are for things like dining, watching movies, visiting with friends, or using computers. Be sure to be mindful of how you are leaving the common space once you are done using it. The Boy Scout rule of leaving the area cleaner than how you found it is a great one to follow.

Be Neighborly

Being neighborly is hard to define, but when you see it, you know it. If you are no longer a newcomer to the community, make an effort to include the new arrivals during mealtimes and activities. The transition to a retirement community can be more stressful for some more than others. A friendly face can go a long way in making someone feel welcome.

New Horizons at Marlborough: A Community for the Retired

If you have questions regarding New Horizons at Marlborough’s facilities, community, or staff, feel free to reach out to us today. We are more than happy to set up tours and review all our amenities, from dining to scheduled daily activities.

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