How Seniors Can Avoid the Flu This Winter

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Although winter will be over in a few short months, we are still deep into flu season, and seniors are at a much greater risk than younger people of contracting the flu.

Below are several preventative measures seniors can take to avoid the flu:

Get Vaccinated

Flu shots are available at Walgreen, CVS, the doctor’s office and several other pharmacies. Getting the flu shot is especially important for seniors, as it significantly reduces the risk of contracting the flu. Although the best time to get the flu shot is in November, it’s never too late to take preventative measures.

Sanitize Hands

Although it’s common knowledge that we all should consistently wash our hands, consider making sure your loved one has hand sanitizer available as well. Older adults who have trouble getting up to wash their hands should keep a bottle of hand sanitizer by their side. This is an effective way to kill germs and prevent the flu.

Keep a Tidy Living Space

When visiting a senior citizen, whether it be at an assisted living home or their own residence, help them out by ensuring their space is clean. This means, door knobs should be disinfected, floors should be mopped, and surfaces should be thoroughly dusted. Sponges should also be disinfected and switched out regularly so germs aren’t spread on countertops.

Drink Water

It goes without question that consuming water throughout the day is an excellent way to flush out toxins and keep our bodies hydrated, but water also helps the nasal passages in a major way. Water keeps the nasal passage moist, which in turn, traps germs that might otherwise spread throughout the body.

Get Enough Sleep

Weakened immune systems occur from sleep deprivation, regardless of your age. It’s best to get seven to eight hours of sleep so your body can repair itself.

Follow the tips above to make sure you and your friend or relative are staying in good health this winter season.

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