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It’s often said that younger kids and youthful adults are the ones who love technology. It’s easiest to learn when you’re younger, but lately, it seems like tech is growing easier and easier to use. Seniors are getting in on the advances now too, so if you’re looking to buy a new tech gadget for a senior, consider these great options. 

Best Tech Gadgets for Seniors

It’s not hard to find a good gift for a senior in your life that can make his/her life easier. Here are a few that the seniors in your life might enjoy.


Vacuuming requires quite a bit of mobility. For older folks, it can prove to be tiring, or impossible, depending on physical and mental limitations. A Roomba or robotic vacuum is the easiest way to keep a senior’s floors clean, and it’s quite easy to program. With a push of a button, the vacuum runs on its own and then re-docks at its charging station when done. It’s wonderful, and they’re growingly inexpensive thanks to more brands producing them. So as not to create a trip hazard, seniors may want to start the Roomba just before leaving their home or apartment, letting it clean the floors while they’re out.

Smart Lighting

The smart light trend is also growing more inexpensive for consumers. Smart lights are great due to their product life cycle, as the bulbs last a long time and they’re easy to set up. Help a senior schedule the lights to come on at a certain time, and they won’t have to worry about lights when the sun starts to set. Plus, if they want to turn them on manually, many smart lights sell switches you can place anywhere in the house to use. It’s a wonderful tech gadget to give someone older. These smart lights can be synced to smartphones so you can change the brightness and even color in some cases.

Nest Thermostat

Unlike traditional thermostats, a smart thermostat is much easier to use due to its interactive display. Some seniors have trouble with the thermostat and keeping the temperature steady, but a Nest works with apps as well as virtual assistants, making it extremely easy to use. 

Amazon Alexa

A virtual assistant seemed, at first, like a novelty item that would decline in popularity. Considering how much an Amazon Alexa can do, however, it’s not surprising that this model has caught on. Alexa can work with other smart tech a senior might have, including smart lights or a thermostat. It’s an easy way to get your senior newscasts, the weather, and traffic updates. You can even set reminders or add things to your digital schedule. 

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