Helping Seniors Move into an Assisted Living Community in the Winter

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While it can get cold here in Marlborough, moving your loved one into an assisted living community in the winter doesn’t need to be difficult.  As you continue reading, you’ll find some tips that will make wintertime move to an assisted living community as stress-free as possible.

Move things in shifts if you can: If your loved one is still in his or her own house and it isn’t going to be sold immediately, take advantage of that luxury. In this situation, your family can move things to the assisted living community in shifts when the weather allows. You can, for instance, take a moving van with essential furniture, such as a recliner and a bed, during the first trip, but hold off on taking smaller personal items, like sentimental knick-knacks, until later. Not only will this give you a break from walking in and out of the cold but it will also give your family member the chance to decide what he or she really wants to have in his or her new space.

Pre-plan activities for your family member: One of the toughest things about moving to an assisted living facility during the winter months is that people then have to stay cooped up in new and unfamiliar surroundings until spring weather arrives. To combat feelings of isolation and loneliness, pre-plan numerous activities to get your family member through the season. You might, for instance, want to schedule a weekly lunch together at a local restaurant. At New Horizons at Marlborough, we have numerous activities year-round, from arts and crafts to movie nights to water aerobics.

Remember, a move like this is a big change for everyone involved. By following these few tips, though, you will make a winter move easier for your entire family.

Why Choose New Horizons at Marlborough

At New Horizons at Marlborough, we make transitioning into an assisted living community as simple as possible. Our staff works diligently to ensure your loved one feels secure moving into a new environment. Each month, we post an activities calendar so residents can fill up their days with as many events as interest them. Additionally, we have plenty of amenities, including an on-site hair salon, chapel, theater, game room, walking trails, a heated indoor pool, and so much more.

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