Gardening While Living at an Independent Living Community

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May 6, 2019
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Senior Gardening

Independent Living Community life does not mean the end of doing the things that mean the most to you. A popular interest that many seniors love bringing with them into their new home is gardening. Some green can really make a room feel alive, which is why many love gardening while living here. Additionally, did you know New Horizons at Marlborough has a greenhouse for year-round gardening? Read our blog on how you can bring a love for gardening into your new home at our independent living community. It’s easy!

Perfect Types of Plants

The best types of plants for an independent living community are those that are self-contained. That means something like a hanging plant is going to be easier to monitor and keep alive and well. Hanging plants also add a nice touch to indoor decor. Windowsill plants are also a great way to brighten up the view of your room and make your home unique. In fact, many windowsill plants are also the type to require and thrive in extra sunlight, so these are incredibly easy to take care of. Lastly, garden boxes are a creative way to mimic gardening in a yard or plot. These are perfect for those with a balcony who want a green area to make all their own.

Advantages of Plants

Air Quality 

Not only is gardening a fun and engaging hobby, but there are numerous benefits as well. When keeping plants indoors, the air quality of homes and apartments is significantly better than those without. Not to mention, they make a home look great.

Staying Active and Eating Healthy 

The process of gardening is also great for staying active. The practice of gardening or watering plants allows the body to stretch and stay limber. Lastly, plants that produce favorite fruits or veggies allow you to grow your own food. Our greenhouse provides a convenient place to get these benefits.

Growing and Learning New Skills 

The benefits of gardening are always growing, as each year brings more anticipation and knowledge to the practice. The more you know, the more you grow, and that helps develop joy out of a practical skill.

Gardening is an excellent hobby to continue or pick up while staying in an independent living community. Earn a green thumb while you live with us, and enjoy the benefits of gardening in your new home!

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