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During the COVID-19 pandemic, as at all times, we are encouraging our residents to keep their physical health in mind. While it can feel difficult at times to stay moving, we have compiled some great workouts seniors can try from the comfort of home. Continue reading to learn more. 


Calisthenics is synonymous with working out, yet many people do not know exactly what it entails. Calisthenics refers to a variety of simple movements performed with or without weights. The ability to get great exercise without weights, or with very light weights, is what makes these types of activities great for senior citizens. Calisthenics improves body strength, flexibility, and balance, which can help seniors remain active and feeling young. Every person’s calisthenics routine should be based on their comfort level and current state of health. Find a regimen of specific movements online using search terms like “calisthenics for seniors,” and be sure to consult your doctor before starting and new fitness program. 

Yoga for Seniors 

Yoga is another great bodyweight workout that seniors can try from home. Yoga combines movements and poses that improve flexibility, strength, and balance with the principle of mindfulness. A great aspect of yoga is the number of variations within each move, designed to help those of all skill levels. If you find a yoga routine that you like, but some of the positions are outside your skill set, you can always downshift to a starting pose or a pose you enjoy. As with calisthenics, consult your doctor before beginning any yoga regimen. Additionally, YouTube has several great yoga videos that provide step-by-step instructions. If you find a video you would like to try, share the link during your next consultation with your physician so your doctor can provide recommendations or alternatives based on your current state of health and flexibility.


Meditation can be a very beneficial activity, not only for seniors but for people of any age. Adopt a sitting pose, and try to clear your mind. Common benefits of meditation include reduced stress (which we could all use right now), improved emotional health, and enhanced attention span. Some proponents even assert that meditation can slow age-related memory loss. Whether it’s five minutes or a full hour, a meditation session may have the power to set your mind at ease. 

New Horizons at Marlborough: Promoting Exceptional Health for Our Residents 

Each of the activities described above can be performed in the comfort of one’s own living space. As mentioned already in this article, it is important to consult a physician or our onsite team of medical professionals before starting a new exercise routine.

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