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As we enter the later years of our lives, memory and cognition can start to suffer. Staying active with games, puzzles, and other exercises can help keep your mind in shape. Here at New Horizons at Marlborough, we wanted to write a quick blog on some of the apps, games, and activities that help our residents stay sharp. Continue reading to learn more.

Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet

There are numerous apps and games that are free to download on your smartphone or tablet that can improve memory and cognition.


Happify is a free app that has quizzes, polls, and even a gratitude journal. The goal of this app is to improve cognition, but it also helps those with the app manage stress and control their emotions.

Fit Brains Trainer

This free app includes 10 sets of games that are focused on improving memory and concentration. Compatible with smartphones and tablets, it has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily track their progress. 

Traditional Memory Games

While smartphone and tablet apps provide us with handy access to games that help with memory, traditional games are still useful in improving cognition. Please continue reading to see some of our favorite traditional memory and cognition games.


Sudoku engages the gamer’s logic and problem-solving skills. These are challenging puzzles, regardless of your age or ability. Individuals that complete sudoku develop a sense of accomplishment, as the puzzles can take some time—and considerable effort—to complete.


Chess is the ultimate strategy game, and it can take time to learn. The game’s complex nature makes it an excellent tool for stimulating players’ minds. Chess is most fun when played with someone of a similar skill level, but it can be beneficial to challenge players who have more experience and knowledge.

Flora Identification Game

Many of our residents enjoy gardening in our greenhouse year-round. For those with green thumbs, identifying plant species while walking through the garden can be a fun way to stay sharp. Playing with a friend is especially beneficial, as you can educate each other on the various identifying aspects of each plant while working on communication skills.

New Horizons at Marlborough: Providing Residents Multiple Resources to Improve Memory & Cognition

If you are a resident at New Horizons at Marlborough or have a loved one who is a resident, speak to our staff about the activities mentioned here or other games, apps, or activities you enjoy. We always welcome feedback and enjoy learning more about the favorite memory improvement games that work for others.

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