7 Tips to Keep Your Joints in Good Condition

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Keeping our joints in good condition is key, as joints allow us to bend our elbows and knees, wiggle our hips, arch our backs, etc. While we should participate in exercises that will help our joints, we often forget while in our youth. Seniors should get in the habit of looking after their joints, which is why we’ve provided some tips below.

  1. Replace Soda with Water

Joints can suffer when we aren’t hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is especially important for seniors with aching joints. When we aren’t hydrated, our body can take water from cartilage, which negatively impacts the muscles.

  1. Wear Kneepads During Activities

Wearing kneepads or elbow pads during activities is a smart way to keep your joints intact. Low-impact exercises can still lead to a fall and joint injury. Whatever the sport may be, encouraging seniors to wear protective padding is a great way to be proactive against joint pain.

  1. Work on Posture

If your loved one slouches a lot, try working on posture with him or her. Hunched postures can be a huge problem, especially for seniors who have been used to this position their entire lives. Physical stress can be decreased by practicing upright posture. Focus on correcting the shape of the spine to a natural J-shape to reduce any joint pain.

  1. Keep a Healthy Diet

Diet is critical when it comes to your joint health, not to mention that a healthy diet helps shed pounds, which relieves the pressure put on the joints. Eat a diet rich in fatty acids, Omega-3s and vitamin D such as salmon, avocado, coconut oil, and flax seeds.

  1. Use a Wrist Rest

A wrist rest is ideal for seniors who frequently use the computer or who write at a desk. This is a great tool to use to relieve any joint pain.

  1. Massage

Getting a massage every once in a while will help soften muscles and tendons. As a result, joint aches may also be relieved. Massages are usually done on the hands, fingers, elbows, back and legs.

  1. Engage Your Core

Yoga and Pilates will strengthen the core and support joint stability. When we have a strong core, our posture is improved which takes stress off the joints.

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