7 Helpful Tips for Touring an Assisted Living Care Community

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If you’re ready to start looking for an assisted living care community in the Greater Boston Area, there are many things you should consider. When touring the retirement community, follow the steps below so you can better understand if it is the right fit for your loved one.

  1. Visit When There Are Community Events & Activities

See if you can visit when there are community events and activities taking place. This allows you the opportunity to see how the staff interacts with the residents as well as how the residents feel about each activity. Do these look like activities that your loved one might be interested in? If your family is religious, you’ll want to ask about religious services as well.

  1. Meet & Greet the Staff

When visiting an independent living or assisted living community in MA, make sure you spend ample time getting to know the staff. You’ll want to gauge their level of friendliness and see if you have a connection. See if you can meet the management team and try to get a better understanding of the staff’s goals.

  1. Try Out the Food

The dining room experience at an assisted living community is a major factor because, of course, who doesn’t love to eat?! Surely, you’ll want your loved one to get excited about waking up to a hot breakfast or settling down at night with a delicious meal. Not only will you be digging into the cuisine but you can meet the residents as well.

  1. Ask About Security

Security measures are one of the greatest concerns among those touring senior living communities. When visiting the property, check out the bathrooms to make sure there are grab bars, and see how often a nurse is available. Check to see how medications are regulated and ask questions about how your loved one’s medical needs will be handled, if you are seeking a program that offers such assistance.

  1. Are There Day Trips & Transportation?

See if the staff offers a shuttle to nearby markets and shops. It can be challenging for seniors to drive, and no one wants to rely on a taxi for transportation. Does the assisted living community provide exciting day trips within the MetroWest area?

  1. Check for Fees

Some assisted living care communities in Massachusetts have monthly fees, so this is something you’ll definitely want to ask about. See if there will be fees if your loved one needs additional care. This is the perfect opportunity to understand the costs and get a better understanding of how billing works.

  1. What are the Requirements to Move In?

If you like the senior living community, inquire about the requirements to move in. See what paperwork needs to be filled out, and ask about age requirements and more.

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