7 Activities the Family Can Enjoy With Seniors

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If your family is planning a trip or a day filled with activities, we’ve listed some suggestions below that are perfect to experience with seniors.

  1. Visit a state park – State parks are great because they are affordable and allow your family members to enjoy the great outdoors in a variety of ways. Your elderly loved ones can sit in shaded areas enjoying the view while kids and teens can try hiking trails
  2. Spend time in the kitchen – Many families have beloved family recipes they want to pass down through the generations. Intentionally spending time in the kitchen together as a multi-generational unit is a great way for your children to learn how to cook from their grandparents. These memories will last a lifetime and will keep special food-related traditions alive for another generation.
  3. Let grandparents pick movies – If your kids are old enough to really understand movies, consider letting your parents select films they loved as children. Spend the evening learning about Old Hollywood and allowing your own sons and daughters to immerse themselves in what their grandparents loved when they were their ages.
  4. Volunteer – Whether you work in a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter, or do something else entirely, this is a great way for your family to remember how blessed you truly are and to learn how you can assist others on a regular basis.
  5. Go to a sporting event – In many families, the love of a particular sports team is passed down from parent to child, generation after generation. If there is a specific team your family loves, buy tickets for everyone in your crew to go see a game live. This is a fun way to bond with your parents and your children simultaneously while enjoying something that brings you all together.
  6. Look at old photographs – Getting out old family photographs is a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon reminiscing. It also gives your sons and daughters the chance to hear interesting stories from their grandparents (and from you!) Telling your family’s story is important, and this is an excellent way to pass it on.

These seven ideas are meant to inspire you to spend more time intentionally bringing your family together. The more memories you make now, the more thankful you will be in the future.

Fun Activities at New Horizons at Marlborough

If your loved one resides at New Horizons at Marlborough and you’re not looking to go off-site, we have activities and events going on throughout the week. In January, we had a day of crafting, educational cooking, floral art classes, a traveling pet zoo visit, and so much more. Our events and activities are tailored to fit the hobbies of our residents.

Both assisted living and independent living apartments are spacious, allowing our residents to invite the entirely family over for a day of activities. Residents can host family dinner parties, have movie nights, or have an arts & crafts night. The family can also take a stroll through our beautiful wooded lot or enjoy our theater.

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